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Mission Fund Appeal for Student Sponsorship

In the last ten years the Mission Fund has taken hundreds of young boys and girls out of poverty by providing for their education. Please consider sponsoring and helping.
15 Feb 2024
Union news

The Mission Fund has been a steadfast supporter of children's education for years, facilitating their attendance at secondary schools and now extending access to technical colleges. Over the past decade, these sponsored students have progressed to higher education and employment opportunities previously out of reach without the generosity of past college alumni.

Many of these graduates have paid it forward, sponsoring their siblings and other family members, creating a cycle of empowerment within their communities. Formerly vulnerable to malnutrition from recurring droughts and violence stemming from food shortages, these children have transformed into self-sufficient individuals, providing crucial support and relief to their families and villages.

Below, we present candidates eagerly awaiting sponsorship for both secondary school and technical college. With contributions starting at just €700 per year for secondary education and €450 per year for technical college, students receive essential support including accommodation, meals, clothing, and educational materials.

If you're interested in making a difference, please reach out to the Mission Fund at One of our committee members will be delighted to discuss sponsorship options with you.

Let's meet some of the students seeking sponsorship:

Students 1 to 12 are coming from a village called Kavuthu which was totally destroyed by floods a short while ago. Twelve mothers were swept away while trying to cross a river. Four bodies are yet to be retrieved



She is 23years old. She is the fourth- born in a family of 8 kids. Her both parents are jobless they depend on well-wishers for survival.

She would like to study Catering and Accommodation. She kindly requests for your support.





She is the 3rd born in a family of 6. Her mom is a peasant farmer in the semi-arid village of Kadolo. She is unable to raise her daughter’s school fees.

She would like to pursue Dressmaking and tailoring at the college. Kindly assist.


She is the first born in a family of 8 kids. She is the bread-winner in her family. She comes from Matiliku.Their house was swept away by floods.

She would like to pursue Hairdressing and beauty therapy at the college. Please help her.


He is an orphan. He lives with his younger brother.

They depend on assistance from Kilia church and well-wishers.

He would like to study Electrical Wiring and computer at the college.


He lives with his mom in a grass-thatched house. His mom sells vegetables in a small kiosk.

He dropped out of school while in class seven.

He would like to study Metal processing technology at the College.


She is 22years old. She works as a house help to get her livelihood. She comes from Kawese region which is oftenly affected by floods.

She wishes to join a College and study Catering and Accommodation. Kindly assist.


She is 20 years old .She come from a low-income family.

She will be grateful for any support granted to her to continue with her college education.

She would like to study Hairdressing and beauty therapy at the college.


He is  from single family. Her father died while he was in class one.Her mom works as a casual worker to cater for their needs. She is unable to raise school fees for her son.

He would like to study Electrical Wiring at the College.


He is 20years old. He is the 3rd born in a family of seven.

Their house was swept away by floods.

He would like to pursue Diploma in Information Communication Technology at the college. Kindly assist.


He is the First-born in a family of 3.They live in Mukuru slum.

He works in a farm as he struggles to get food for his aged parents and siblings.

He would like to study Plumbing at the College.


She is 21 years old She is the 2nd born in a family of 5.Her father does manual jobs and her mom is unemployed.

She would like to study Dressmaking and tailoring at the college.


She is 21years old .She is the eleventh born in a family of 14.

Her parents are jobless. She works in small

Kiosk to up bring her young siblings.

She would like to study Catering and Accommodation at the college.


She is the 4TH born in a family of 6.She comes from Kibera slum. She lives with her grandmother.

She would like to pursue Catering and Accommodation at the college.



He is 19 years old. He finished class eight in 2021.He was not able to continue with his education since his parents were not able to raise his school fees.

He would like to study Plumbing and computer at the college


He is the first-born in a family of three. He comes from Kandolo village. His primary education was sponsored by a compassion group.

He would like to study Electrical Wiring and computer at the college.

16 Eunice Katua

No Image

She is 25 years old. She is the 1st born in a family of five children.

Her mother is the sole bread-winner for the family. Her family lost everything to the devastating floods that were experienced recently.

She wants to do a course in Catering



Alexanda is a hardworking boy who comes from a single parent home. His mother was abandoned by her husband 15 years ago leaving her with him and his two siblings. His mother is a casual laborer who earns very little and is unable to educate her 3 children. As a result, his siblings are sponsored with one being in the university where he gets financial assistance from Higher Education Loans Board.


The boy is humble and comes from a poor family. He has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. His father’s whereabouts are unknown thus his mother takes care of the family singlehandedly. They have no land and live on the railway reserve. His mother works on neighbours farms to earn daily bread and other times she is forced to sell firewood as they live on hand to mouth.

He is above average and can do well if sponsored to achieve his education dream.


Collins comes from a family of 8. His father got a back injury that has reduced him to an invalid. His mother who is a casual laborer has taken over the role of the bread winner.  Two of his siblings are in high school due with the help of government sponsorship (bursaries), one is a drop out, and the other two are in primary school.

He is an industrious boy who can go high places with the help of sponsorship.


Gerald Khisa a total orphan who lost his parents 4 years ago. He has two older sisters and two younger brothers. One of his older sisters dropped out of high school to take care of them while the other is in high school under the care of his uncle. His two younger brothers are in grade 4 and 2. They live in a single roomed house where by sometimes they sleep hungry.

He hopes to continue his studies if he can attain assistance from well-wishers.


Max comes from a family of 5, his parents and 2 siblings. They live in a slum set up. He has been brought up in vulnerable family of low-income earner where his parents are casual labourers. They are struggling financial that sometimes they are not able to make end meets.  They sometimes receive hands out from small Christian communities.

Max is hardworking and would benefit from any support from well-wishers.

Stephen - Sponsored 

Stephen is the first born of 3 siblings. The mother is the sole provider of the family. She is a casual labourer. The father of the family is absent father who does not live with the family nor give any financial support as well as moral support. The mother remain to be the only person who care for the children. Stephen performed very well in his exam and he is hardworking boy who desire to continue with his high school studies. Any support given to him from well wishes will help him to attain his goals


If you are unable to support a child you can still make a donation by clicking on the  Mission Fund Donate Button here

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